G-FENSE is a suite of network services and monitoring tools that enable you to take back control of your Information Systems and processes: Email, Browsers, Servers and Network.

Email Protection Service In- and Out-Bound

G-FENSE gives you the power to dramatically cut down or even eliminate SPAM, Spyware and Viruses from your Email. Additionally, using our outbound mode, it prevents your systems from generating SPAM or proliferating viruses.

*** Try Before You Buy: Try our inbound email server protection free for 30 days! ***

Remote Data Backup

By utilizing our G-FENSE self-service remote data backup services, you can safely store files from your workstations or servers securely off-site. Available to you 24x7 - you can backup or restore files according to your busy schedule. Files are encrypted with a unique key known only to you - before they are transmitted. This ensures your HIPAA, Financial or any other business critical data is 100% safe.

Server Event Logging

Using our SNARE Agent capture system, G-FENSE enables you to archive and review event logs from your servers. This information is extremely valuable for meeting standards required by those that deal with Financial or Medical data. You decide how much data to collect, and you can browse or search the collected data. This is a crucial step in any IDS (Intrustion Detection System) arsenal.

Web Browser Protection Service

G-FENSE gives you the ability to protect your employee browsers. Control access to offensive Web Sites. Stops spyware downloads (including drive-by downloads). Blocks access to Spyware Web Sites. Stops virus downloads. Stops spyware access from any infected systems on your network to the Internet.